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Mesquite Chips
Mesquite Chips

Rancho Lobos - forestry

Rancho Lobos comprises an area of more than 16,000 hectares with natural mesquite habitat, in which the species Prosopis glandulosa, P. juliflora and P. velutina, are widely distributed, with P. glandulosa as the dominant species.
As we mentioned in other sections, our primary forest production generates a number of residual material, that can be used as by products and in field conservation work to improve the habitat.
One of these byproducts are the Mesquite Chips, produced from dry branches not susceptible for use in primary charcoal and/or mesquite wood production because of their diameter.

Mesquite Chips ProductionMesquite Chips Production

All Mesquite Chips are elaborated with branches between 2" & 3" diameter, leaving smaller branches to be used in our conservation efforts. Then, the triturated chips are selected by size, thus, assuring the highest quality in mesquite chips without dust content for our valued customers.

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Finally, the mesquite chips are packaged in 40 Lbs. bags to be shipped to wholesale distributors. We supply minimum orders of 250 Lbs. or more.

Please contact us Rancho Lobos to place your orders or request a quote.

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