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Mesquite planks
Mesquite Planks

Mesquite Cooking Plank Production

Mesquite Plank Production

A unique grilling companion for connosseurs around the world. Untreated mesquite planks are elaborated out of single piece mesquite slabs, cut to 14" by 7" by 3/4" thick. Mesquite slabs have been previously air dried to 25% moisture content, then cut and smooth finished to specifications.

This process allows our mesquite planks to provide full natural flavors to your grill cooked meals. It is very simple to prepare gourmet mesquite smoked fish & meats on your own outdoor´s grill, just follow this simple steps:

Inmers your Mesquite Plank in water at least 2 hours before cooking.
Apply your favorite oil or butter to the smooth side of the mesquite plank.
Place fish or meat to be cooked on the oiled side of your mesquite plank.
Place your mesquite plank with meal on the center of the pre-heated grill grid and close the grill´s lid.
Keep a spray buttle with water at hand, in case the plank ignates.
Note: Since wood absorbs juices, do not reuse mesquite planks after cooking.

All Untreated Mesquite Planks are shipped individually wrapped & sealed for your convenience. Each plank is priced at $11.99 USD plus a $5 USD shipping fee for ground service.

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