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Mesquite wood is appreciated by woodworkers around the globe for its qualities in fine furniture making. Most of all due to its natural beauty, besides, it is perhaps the most dimensionally stable of all woods in having equal radial and tangential shrinkage values of only 2%-3% and in having total volumetric shrinkage values of 4%-5%. Other fine woods i.e. oak, cherry, walnut, teak, mahogany and Indian rosewood have volumetric shrinkage values in the range of 8%-15%.

The result of the low shrinkage value is that furniture made from mesquite will have less expansion and contraction when ambient humidity levels change, such as from summer to winter. Thus furniture will not crack and drawers will not stick with changing humidity levels.

Mesquite logs are selected by diameter, attempting to obtain straight sections between 2 and 4 feet long. They are then milled to obtain 2 inch thick slabs, and stacked outdoors to be air dried under the Sonoran Desert sun.

Mezquite Wood Mezquite Slabs

The final product is exported in assorted lots of 1,000 board-foot containing slabs of:

ThicknessWidthLength$ / Board-Foot *
2"3" - 6"20" - 24"$2.50/bf
6" - 8"
8" - 10"
10" - 12"+
3" - 6"24" - 36"+$3.50/bf
6" - 8"
8" - 10"
10" - 12"+
* Prices in USD, F.O.B. Nogales, AZ.

Mesquite round wood slab production

Wood ProductionWood Production

The process of mesquite charcoal making uses dead trees and branches that are cut into manageable pieces. In this process, a large number of tree trunks are left unused due to their large girth size.

Since it is not cost effective to cut this large trunks into manageable pieces for the charcoal kilns, the ones with hights between 2 and 5 feet high are selected to cut round slabs 3 inches thick.

Wood disks

The natural beauty of mesquite wood is appreciated by fine furniture makers in the U.S.A. and Mexico, where we market our products. Each piece is unique, with its dark redish color, vein, heart and ring design, they are used to make the finest side coffee tables, mantels, etc.

Each piece measures at least 12 inches on its smallest side and up to 40 inches or more on its largest side. However, the average diameter of the slabs marketed is around 20 inches, and all pieces are 3 inches thick or more.

The following are some samples of the round mesquite slabs marketed and exported. The measuring tape in the pictures is set to 2 feet.

Round Mesquite Slabs Mesquite Slabs
Mesquite Wood Production

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